Prices shown start Jan. 1st, 2018

Grooming (by appointment only)
Grooming prices vary depending on the size, coat, condition and cut you desire for your pet.  A full grooming appointment includes: Bath, blow dry, nails cut, anal glands expressed‡, ears cleaned** and haircut/undercoat management.  Prices below are based on a well-maintained, mat-free dog.
Smooth-coated small breeds start at $35*
Small dogs start at $42*
Medium dogs start at $45*
Large dogs start at $50*
Extra large dogs start at $70*

Doodles start at $70
Shave downs on breeds that only require blow-outs or trims will be extra. (ex. Labradors, Great Pyrenees, Golden Retrievers, etc.)
Maintenance (by appointment only)
Bathing in between grooming appointments includes: Bath & blow dry and brush-out.
Prices start at $20* and increase with size of dog and condition of coat.
Extras (upon request only)
Nail dremmel - $5 (in addition to regular nail trim)

Furminator treatment - $10 (to see what this does click here)

Nail trim only - $15 (no appointment necessary, but please call before you come)
Polish - $5
Bows (no additional charge)
Special shampoo or Conditioner - $5-10

Flea/Tick shampoo - $10
De-skunking Treatment - starts at $35

*Difficult, geriatric & matted dogs may be charged extra or refused

**Ear cleaning consists of removal of hair and wiping out of any build-up.  We do NOT use cleansers.  Please note that ear cleaning can aggravate an existing infection.  We will notify you if we perceive any problems, however we can not diagnose or treat any infections, as this is a veterinary procedure.  Home maintenance is helpful in avoiding future problems.

‡ Anal glands are expressed upon request or by necessity.