Why does it take so long to get my dog groomed?
There are several reasons.  We can never predict what our day is going to be.  Some dogs may need more attention than we originally had planned for.  We also have a system in place that ensures the comfort of your dog.  This system allows for several rest periods during the grooming process.
Can I bring my own shampoo and conditioner for you to use on my dog?
Yes.  Many dogs have special or medicated shampoo their veterinarians prescribed for them, we are more than happy to accommodate this.  We do not recommend using human shampoo and conditioner as it is not formulated for the pH of your dog's skin and can cause irritation.
Why are my dog's nails still long?
We can only cut the nails down to the quick.  If the nails aren't trimmed on a regular basis, the quick grows out along with the nails.  Regular nail trimming can push the quick back over time, allowing us to trim them shorter.
My dog was just groomed, now he has an ear infection, what happened?
Ear cleaning consists of removal of hair and wiping out of any build-up.  We do NOT use cleansers as these can cause more problems.  Ear cleaning can aggravate or uncover an existing infection.  We are very careful to avoid any water in the ears when bathing,  we can plug the ears with cotton balls if necessary and upon request.  We will notify you if we perceive any problems, however, we can not diagnose or treat any infections, as this is a veterinary procedure.  Home maintenance is helpful in avoiding future problems.

Do you brush teeth?  Why not?
No.  We do not brush teeth.  Teeth cleaning is a veterinary procedure that requires the dog's to be anesthetized so scaling can be done.  Teeth brushing is most effective when done daily at home.

My dog might get hungry, can I bring his/her food?
We don't recommend bringing food or treats for the grooming appointment.  We have found most dogs do not eat the food, and if they do their nerves will either make them vomit or have unfavorable bowel movements.  Please leave the food at home.
Can I stay with my dog while they are being groomed?
We have found that having owners here while their dog is being groomed is very difficult.  The dogs are very excitable and this makes it hard for the groomers to give a precision cut.  Secondly, because of our grooming process this can take upwards of 4 hours since we do not groom the dogs from start to finish, as this is not efficient.